What We Do

Smile Fundraising provides a vital service to the charity sector. We offer our charity partners long-term quality donor recruitment.

Our fundraisers are passionate, ethical, honest & professional at all times, and we will always try to leave each and every person we speak to with a great big smile!

Our Vision

We provide our charity partners with the best fundraising experience possible, focusing on quality over quantity to ensure the best possible return for the charity.

Our Values

  • Smile
  • Memorable
  • Important
  • Long-term
  • Ethical
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    Mission Statement

    Our mission is to dramatically revolutionize fundraiser ethics so that we can deliver the kind of results on the bottom line that the charities expect and deserve.

    "Long-term quality donors."

    Quality Assured

    We only recruit donors who have the means to be able to truly afford and ensure the best quality to donate long term, and they all know exactly what they are getting into.

    They are highly trained ethical fundraisers with a passion for the cause they fundraise for.

    Quality Over Quantity

    At smile we teach our fundraisers the importance of quality over quantity. Our fundraisers are also trained to assess each individual donor, to place them on the right monthly donation that they can afford long term. Smile realise that what one person can afford, another may not be able to.